Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Silver Linings

1 Feb 2016

Ok sorry this is a longer letter but I also had a crazy experience this week.  We got invited out of the blue to go to this funeral.  This little 7 year old boy died in an accident and we went to go speak (I have no idea why they asked me) and we got into this tiny cement house (like all the houses) and there were some friends around in a circle and the little boy was in his casket and I looked at him.  Now I have only seen one dead person in my life and that was my grandmother when I was like 13.  

For some reason I wasn't that sad so I thought that I didn't get sad at funerals.  But as I looked at this boy I felt so deeply for him and his mother.  Then I started thinking about what I would say.  As I got up I flipped to Moroni 8:8 which among other things talks about little kids and how they cannot commit sin.  I explained that I have a sister about Mark's age (his name is Mark) and I talked about how children have an innocence and a light about them.  Then I talked about how this should not happen, the parents should never have to see their kids die.  And as I said that I was overcome with this wave of emotion in my head and I could feel it spread through me, I have come to know that as one way I feel the spirit.  In the scriptures we learn that the spirit comforts and brings joy but as I felt it on Saturday I was so sad, I was embarrassed because I cried in front of everyone and my voice began to give way as I shared my mom's favorite scripture which is Alma 7:11-13.  I told her that it says Christ suffered "pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind" and that she must be feeling such pain and anger.  That is why he suffered ALL pains and afflictions because there are times when we feel alone and we feel like no one can relate to us.  He did that so we don't have to be alone ever.  Then I explained the plan of salvation to her, I told her we know exactly where we came from and where we are going and why we are here in this life.  I told her I know she will see her son after this life and that is the beauty of the plan He has for us. 

As I thought about it later I realized that the spirit had helped me "mourn with those who mourn" because that is our job as Latter Day Saints. That is why I was sad and feeling the spirit.  

I love you all thanks for the support! 
Elder Taylor-Jenson
Progress not Perfection.

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