Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Baptism and Transfer Day

28 March 2016

Whew a lot went down this week.  First we taught a lot, which was amazing.  I am talking more in lessons and I'm really comfortable with the language, I can joke with people and they actually understand my jokes! (I love the PI, here I'm actually funny!  That or they just laugh at my accent...)  I find it easier to speak from the heart about how the gospel has changed my life.  Elfie, our investigator, got baptized last Saturday too!  It was awesome, we also had two other baptisms along with his, Emerald and Hanisa.  I got called to speak last minute which went well even though I wasn't expecting it.

We also got a new bunk bed frame this week so our room is actually a room instead of two beds side by side!  This week is the end of my two cycle training (a cycle is about 6 weeks) which means I'll get a new companion!  4 of us elders live in Cabbaroguis and the other two are new, we all thought my companion would be transferred to a new area because he is the oldest here.  But today we found out that I'm actually going to be transferred and one of the other guys who got here at the same time as me!  Its unusual because I just got done with training but I am super excited!  But I wont be able to use the new bed frame come Wednesday...  oh well, I'm super stoked!   

We also had this awesome Pinoy traditional dinner where we just eat off a banana leaf... it was so cool.

Anyway, I love you all, thanks for the support!

Elder TJ

Life is good

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