Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Beautiful Philippines!

14 Feb 2016

This week I'm great!  Chillin as usual, in the gorgeous Philippines!  Today we went to the grocery store and there was a rat runnin around, your typical Philippines scene. We also were in this little store with like second hand clothes and I saw a bunch of American brands like Old Navy and Izod and Banana Republic and Tommy Bahama... I have no idea how they get those out here.   Ummm this week we taught Amy, she's chill.  She's 20 and her husband is a member and she seems to like the material we taught her, she's gunna be baptized soon so that's fun! Life was easy this week, we got this challenge to read the whole Book of Mormon in a month so I'm working on that in addition to my usual study and I'm going to read through it with the question "what lack I yet" in mind so I can better myself with what I learn.  I just read in Mosiah about a ton of battles that happened and thats pretty fun.  And in church we read about Howard W. Hunter and he was really into kindness. He says that true greatness comes from consistently giving little acts of kindness which is something I will be trying to work on.

I also finally finished my first cycle (6 week period) and you can potentially get transferred each cycle.  Anyway, I have like 12 more to go or something... yaaaaaaaay!  Haha people say it goes by fast but I kinda hope it doesn't, its so pretty here!  Plus the food is awesome, I found out today I love Bikol Express which is a little spicy but I guess my taste buds are changing!

Oh and I got a package from my family!  

Til next week,

Elder Taylor-Jenson

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