Monday, March 28, 2016

Progressing Investigators

6 March 2016

Sorry  I missed last week!  I had no time but heres what happened.  We taught a bunch of lessons and contacted a lot and went on splits which was fun!  I got to go to this other area called Zamora and we had a good time, i liked my companions teaching style.  I love the language so much, I can really use it well now!  Its like in the movie "best two years" when Elder Calhoun finally can speak the language.  Anyways we also had some fun!  We went to the Bukid which is like the jungle where the rice farmers farm and we went there for Edsa which is a holiday about the sacrifice world war two soldiers made.  There I got to ride a caribou!  That is my single favorite thing here in the Philippines.  I also got to climb a coconut tree and fish a little, we had a blast!

This week we went to this sick waterfall place this morning, its just called Madella falls, it was so gorgeous.  I had one of those, "where even am I right now" moments!  I get those daily where I notice "wow Im in the Philippines." And life is just good!  Im still enjoying the life here, don't worry I'm alive haha.  Just trying to stay fit, the people here feed me so much, its so nice!  Sometimes we ask to have some buko juice (coconut juice) and they'll just pick some for us!  Its so awesome. 

We've also been teaching Amy and Artemio.  Artemio is awesome, he is only 15 and he really wants to get baptized even though no one in his family is a member.  I love teaching him because he has really good questions and really wants to know the truth!  I love sharing something so near and dear to me, most of the time we get denied but when we teach interested people its way worth all the let downs.   

Whew ok so spiritual thought of the week... we visit a lot of less actives because here people get baptized a lot and then kinda let their fire sputter out.  So this week I shared Helaman 5:12 which is very well known and often used but very true too.  It talks about how if we build our lives on the foundation of Christ we cannot fail, no matter what!

As usual, thanks for the support!

Elder Taylor-Jenson

Philippines Proverb, "Emulate the rice stalk, the more grains it has the lower it bows."

Riding a caribou!

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