Monday, July 10, 2017

Kindness and Perseverance

Hello :)

We just had transfer day so a lot of old missionaries got to go home and we got a lot of new missionaries.  Transfer day is always hectic for the office Elders. But we still got out to work which was great (working outside is always better than working inside). Yesterday we got out earlier then normal (4 PM) and got to go to an area that was further away. We taught brother Jack who is the only American who we see. He has been going through a lot lately and just recently came out of a low point in his life. We always come back to his house every once in a while but its hard to catch him sober or away. Anyway, yesterday he was home and he invited us in and we had a great talk about life and faith and how important sincere action is. The whole lesson we had to translate into tagalog for the young filipinos who were with us. It was a great discussion and he actually asked for an assignment and for us to come back!  Later last night I thought about how many times we went to his house and how many times the trips there seemed almost wasted.  Perseverance is powerful when coupled with love.

I've been reading the bible and im in 2nd Samuel now. I heard David's story and Saul's story but I never read it all the way through before. Its really cool and there is a lot to be learned but my favorite part was probably the love that Jonathan (Saul's son) had for David and his kindness towards him. I also really loved how David spared Saul twice even though the Lord delivered Saul into his hands. He still recognized Saul as the Lord's anointed though Saul was trying to kill David. I hope that I can develop that kindness too :)

Elder Taylor-Jenson

There is a destiny that makes us brothers, No one goes his way alone; All that we send into the lives of others, Comes back into our own.  - Edwin Markham