Monday, March 20, 2017



So the past couple months have been crazy and I've been busy.  I got into a new area and my new job is in Finance.  So i am now the finance elder in my mission and its a little stressful haha. The past couple weeks I have been in training taking care of rent and support for the missionaries.  We don't really work as much though so I miss that. 

But this week i read in numbers 11:11-15 and it was really inspiring even though its kinda sad.  So this is where we see Moses kinda break down.  He is a super faithful man and he has done everything the Lord asked until this point.  And here he breaks and we see how hard this all is for him.  He feels like he would rather be dead and he hates how the people complain, he feels like he is their mother.  And after that we see the Lord provides a way for him.  He gives him instructions to help Moses out.  And I think that's how life is for me sometimes, sometimes its hard and I've learned to just do it or put up with it.  But maybe if I took my problems to God more often, He would help me more quickly. 

I miss you all and hope you are doing well!
Elder Taylor-Jenson

Life is Good

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