Monday, January 25, 2016


Jan 25, 2016

Keanan had an exciting week that culminated with a Baptism!  From Keanan:

This week was a lot of fun!  We went to a wedding and i had my first baptism!  I got to baptize Jeffery Serato Agraan and it was really cool seeing him take all the lessons and change!  He was the one getting married too, his wife is already a member thats why he started taking the lessons.  The spirit was so thick at the baptism, i just felt calm!  not scared at all even though it was my first time!  I loved it!  I also gave my first blessing and i had the same feelings.  I really love it here!  I'm lucky i got sent somewhere with lots of nature because it is so gorgeous here, Im so lucky!

Ok spiritual thought for the week, I read two scriptures i really liked, Jacob 4:6-9 and D&C 133:53.  I really like reading (which i didn't use to...) there is a calm in the scriptures for me.  In Jacob it talks about the power of words, which to me is really true because we can feel them when someone says something mean or nice to us.  It makes sense that God's power is manifest in words, especially because the important things that happen in our church all are dependent on the words we say.  The scripture in D&C talks about how He will carry us, which i know to be true.  I pondered a lot this week about why at some of the hardest times in my life i didn't feel like he carried me and i realized that my hard times all ended when I re-centered my life on Christ.  :) 

Elder Taylor-Jenson

Rise and Rise again, until lambs become lions.

Wedding Bells
1st Baptism

The Force is strong with this one!

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