Monday, January 18, 2016


Jan 18, 2016

Keanan was able to spend a bit more time typing an email this week. whew p day again sweet. ok so this week we found some new investigators, which is awesome of course! We found Margarie and Gloria. They both seemed super interested but sometimes its hard to tell if people really care or if they invite you in just to be polite... but the lessons go well. We taught Margarie and her bakla (gay) roomate sat down and started listening too! wait i lied that was two weeks ago. this week we went back and taught just Margarie because she was the only one home. we brought some members too and it was nice, she is just shy. with Gloria we contacted her and found out she already has a book of mormon and is reading it! she had been contacted earlier. shes older and seemed really interested. she said she would be at church but she didnt show up, maybe thats how God feels when i mess up... haha.

I have a lot of experiences where i feel like God says "thats you!" we were at a dinner appointment and there were two little boys, the one kept getting distracted and was loud and would spill a lot, in my head i said "its ok hes just learning" and i heard in my head "you're still learning too,its ok" and i really needed that.

I found my new favorite scripture! Before my mission i didnt like reading that much but now i cant get enough.  I found Mosiah 15, the whole chapter is good but specifically up until verse 12 because it explains how the atonement works (verse 9) and talks a lot about His sacrafice. And it says that when Christ suffered, He saw "His seed" which is amazing when you think about it because we are all His seed, so as He suffered, He saw every person. Well I'm alive and well despite the pig intestine (which isnt to bad) and the liver (which is super dry) that i ate this week. I think i can say i am no longer a picky eater. because if i was i would starve. Im having a great time and thank you all for your love and support, i miss you all!
Elder Taylor-Jenson

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